The ideas behind AI_PREMie came into being in 2015 when University College Dublin colleagues, Professor Patricia Maguire and Professor Fionnuala Ní Áinle, met for a coffee.

An Irish Times article from 2021 documented this meeting:

...Ní Áinle talked about her experiences as a consultant haematologist at the Rotunda, seeing women with severe pre-eclampsia. They discussed the potential for biomarkers in the blood to serve as an early warning system and went on to confirm this with a study showing significant differences in the platelets of pregnant women suspected of having pre-eclampsia and healthy women of the same age. Armed with this evidence and a large amount of related data, the team was able to take its research to the next level when it applied for Science Foundation Ireland’s AI for Societal Good Challenge funding. Using an interdisciplinary approach, it could unlock new insights with data analytics and machine learning techniques.

Irish Times

Explore the timeline of developments since the AI_PREMie project’s inception.

November 2022
Radio: AI_PREMie featured in the SAS and Microsoft joint whitepaper

AI_PREMie featured in the SASsoftware and Microsoft joint whitepaper highlighting co-developed clinical decision support tools enabled by advanced analytics and AI in the cloud.

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November 2022
Radio: Interview with Professor Maguire on Pat Kenny Newstalk Radio Show

Professor Patricia Maguire discusses the AI_PREMie PET diagnosis tool with Pat Kenny.

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November 2022
Article: AI Awards

AI_PREMie won awards in both categories that it was nominated for:

1). Best Application of AI to Achieve Social Good
2). Best Application of AI in an Academic Research Body.


Irish Times

UCD News

Business Plus

Silicon Republic

October 2022
Article: Silicon Republic

Challenge funding is playing a key role in honing research projects across Ireland, according to researchers, including AI_PREMie.

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July 2022
Conference: International Society of Thrombosis and Haemostasis

The AI_PREMie team attended the ISTH2022 (the 30th Congress of the International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis) in London, UK. 

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June 2022
Article: Social Impact Award at the Analytics and AI Awards

AI_PREMie was honoured to be nominated for the Social Impact Award at the Analytics and AI Awards 22.

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June 2022
Video: An interview with Professor Patricia Maguire on SAS blog

Professor Patrica Maguire discusses the AI_PREMie PET diagnosis tool.

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May 2022
Article: AI_PREMie team World Preeclampsia Day campaign

AI_PREMie launched a campaign for World Preeclampsia Day to highlight this life-threatening disease and also promote the work done by the AI_PREMie team to develop a diagnostic tool for preeclampsia.

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March 2022
Article: Research Impact Case Study Competition

Research Impact Case Study Competition - runner up.

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February 2022
Article: Microsoft on AI_PREMie

Microsoft article about AI_PREMie

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January 2022
TV: RTE Changemakers

The Irish Universities Association has partnered with RTÉ and New Decade TV to bring Ireland’s Change Makers, the most transformative research-led projects and the inspiring people behind them, to Irish television this coming January and February 2022.

The series will showcase the remarkable and lasting public impact of leading research projects by eight universities in Ireland in areas such as children’s health, health technology, education, youth justice, gender equality and inclusion, as well as the environment.

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December 2021
Radio: The Pat Kenny Show (Newstalk FM)

Patricia Maguire spoke to Newstalk Radio's Late Breakfast presenter Shane Beatty about her preeclampsia research, ahead of the RTE TV show Change Makers which features her AI_PREMie project.

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December 2021
Podcast: #Allreland podcast

On this episode, Greg speaks with Professor Patricia Maguire, Biomedical Scientist and Director of University College Dublin’s Institute for Discovery. Maguire’s research focuses on platelets, an interest that began 25 years ago when her father suffered his first heart attack and she recognized the need for better diagnostics in the clinic.

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December 2021
Article: Medical Express

Preeclampsia: an ongoing battle to save lives

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December 2021
Article: Leaps

Researchers Are Discovering How to Predict – and Maybe Treat — Pregnancy Complications Early On.

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November 2021
Podcast: The Health Pulse Podcast

Improving Maternal Health through AI and Biomedical Science | Health Pulse Podcast

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November 2021
TV: Science to the Rescue
October 2021
Article: AI_PREMie in 2021 AI_Awards Finalists
September 2021
Article: Science Direct
P-001. AI_PREMie: A novel risk stratification tool for preeclamptic-toxaemia Read more.
September 2021
Article: University Observer Interview
August 2021
Article: Teck Expert
August 2021
Article: Engineers Ireland
August 2021
Article: Geant
August 2021
Article: HEAnet
June 2021
Article: Analytics Institute Social Impact Award
June 2021
Article: The Irish Times

"Using platelets as little health sensors in our blood" - The Irish Times.

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June 2021
Article: Recruitment for Technology

"Using platelets as little health sensors in our blood" - Recruitment for Technology

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June 2021
Article: SFI Future Innovator
Runner up SFI Future Innovator Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Societal Good. Read more.
June 2021
Article: NovaUCD Innovation Award

Winner of the NovaUCD Innovation of the Year Award 2021.

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May 2021
Article: International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis

AI_PREMie: A Novel Risk Stratification Tool for Preeclamptic-toxaemia

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May 2021
Article: iPlacenta H2020 virtual conference
The iPlacenta H2020 virtual conference Read more.
March 2021
Article: Siliconrepublic
February 2021
Article: The pan Canadian thrombotic Research Network
February 2021
Article: SAS Viya join the AI-PREMie team
May 2020
Article: Roller Coaster
March 2020
Article: Irish Tech News
March 2019
Article: Science Foundation Ireland Future Innovator Prize

SFI AI for Societal Good Challenge

Supports interdisciplinary teams to develop novel, potentially disruptive AI-based solutions that address significant national and global societal challenges.

Read more on SFI.

November 2018
Article: The Hundred-Person Platelet Releasate Project

Upon activation platelets release a host of soluble and vesicular signals, collectively termed the ‘platelet releasate’ (PR). The contents of this PR play a significant role in haemostasis, wound healing, tissue regeneration, inflammation, and pathologic sequelae.

Read the full article on Science Direct.

October 2018
Article: The Platelet Releasate is Altered in Human Pregnancy

Read the full article in Proteomics Clinical Applications.

June 2018
Article: Platelet Releasate Proteome Profiling Reveals a Core Set of Proteins with Low Variance between Healthy Adults

Upon activation, platelets release a powerful cocktail of soluble and vesicular signals, collectively termed the "platelet releasate" (PR). Although several studies have used qualitative/quantitative proteomic approaches to characterize PR; with debated content and significant inter-individual variability reported, confident, and reliable insights have been hindered. Using label-free quantitative (LFQ)-proteomics analysis, a reproducible, quantifiable investigation of the 1U mL−1 thrombin-induced PR from 32 healthy adults was conducted.

Read the full article in Proteomics.

December 2017
Article: CAPE Study Results

Retrospective secondary analysis of an observational study in an Irish tertiary referral centre with 9000 deliveries annually. The MPV of 27 women with EOPE was compared to 19 unaffected controls. The inclusion criteria for the disease state was the development of EOPE defined by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guideline, as new onset hypertension presenting after 20 weeks and prior to 34 weeks with significant proteinuria.

Read the full article in the Journal of Perinatal Medicine

July 2017
Article: Elevated plasma TFPI activity causes attenuated TF-dependent thrombin generation in early-onset preeclampsia

Early onset preeclampsia (EOP) is a pregnancy-specific proinflammatory disorder that is characterised by competing thrombotic and bleeding risks. It was the aim of this study to characterise thrombin generation, a major determinant of thrombotic and bleeding risk, in order to better understand the haemostatic balance in patients with EOP.

Read the full article on PubMed.